Monday, July 12, 2010

Update from Phyllis Schmid

Hi Everyone,

Wow, where does time go? We leave tomorrow for Philadelphia and the "Bala Farewell" at our mission headquarters before the big move to Kansas City. I think we both might be a little more enthusiastic if we hadn't been sick all weekend. I am not a last minute person and my energy reserves have been depleted and so today getting everything done before we leave seems insurmountable but I know it isn't. It will all get done!

Duane Brown and his friend, Jeff, left on Saturday morning with the classroom building tin roof almost completed. Cindy's brother in law and nephew are here until Wednesday and continue to work on the remodeling of one of the houses for administrative offices for STEP. It is hard to leave Bruce and Cindy behind as we are all stretched about as tight as you can get. On top of that Cindy turned her ankle on an uneven floor on Friday and broke a bone in her foot so she is in a cast for 6 weeks. A friend once shared that even a "strong rubber band" snaps eventually under too much pressure and we are trying to avoid that by all means. Bruce and Cindy are leaving for a period of time this fall for some vacation, family time and work. Pray for added strength for them during these 10 days we are away and for good healing in Cindy's foot.

Pray too for the campus and STEP administration as they follow through and complete the temporary classroom and administrative office work this summer. There is still a lot to do.

One of our main projects when we return will be preparing David's student materials for hermeneutics and Daniel/Revelation for the fall semester.

David just got back from the American Embassy. Two answers to prayer – we needed new pages in our passports but didn't know if David could do it for me or if I needed to be there in person. He was able to get mine done so that was great. We had been notified that they were now charging for this service but when he got there he found out that today it was still "FREE" and tomorrow they start charging for the service. Thank you Lord.

I probably won't be able to send an update until we get back to Haiti but we will be able to communicate by email through David's computer and at the same cell phone numbers we've always had in the states.


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