Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brief Update from Phyllis Schmid

The McMartins and Schmids were in Kansas City, Missouri, the location of the home offices for CrossWorld now for a leadership conference from October 11 through October 15.

The CrossWorld Leadership conference was very good. The guesthouse at the new facility was very nice with large rooms with individual bathrooms like in a motel. There were comfortable lounge areas for fellowship, laundry facilities and an excellent menu of meals. It was exciting to see old friends and make new ones and just to see how God is working through CrossWorld in so many different areas. The worship times each morning were truly a blessing to our hearts. Those from Haiti shared one afternoon about the earthquake and aftermath with the staff there in Kansas City who did so much to help us.

Our friend and co-worker Lois from la Pointe stayed in our home while we were gone. She said she got a lot of work done and also enjoyed some of the "perks" of living in Port-au-Prince for a week. The only thing she didn't enjoy about Port-au-Prince living is the gun fire. There was a lot of gun fire again yesterday and today we learned that in the gun fire last week some people were killed. So what she and we heard was not just shooting in the air but actual battles in the areas to the west of us.

Please pray for safety for all. This kind of thing does affect the STEP classes. With the elections coming up things are unsettled. Kidnappings have been reported to be on the rise once again with related violence. We know we are in God's hands wherever we are and that HE is in control.

Bruce and Cindy return to Haiti next Wednesday. Cindy's able to walk on her foot but it is definitely not back to normal. Pray for complete healing and that these next few days in Florida will be especially restful for them.

Also pray for the water situation in our area. It is such a miracle that city water was available during the weeks after the earthquake even if we didn't have it in our houses. Now there is no city water so we are thankful for the rains to help fill the STEP cistern because we are having to buy truckloads of water for the campus. The water we are getting is not the cleanest and our kitchen filter is having to be cleaned more frequently.

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