Monday, January 17, 2011

Pray for Haiti

These days, Haiti is in need of prayer.  Elections results still have no definitive president names.  The former president for life, Jean Claude Duvalier, has returned to Haiti.

God has Haiti in His hands and he knows that plan for the country we all care about so much.  Let us pray together for a peaceful resolution of the election issue. 


  • for the people of Haiti
    • those still searching for comfort and have not yet turned to Christ
    • those who have given their lives to Him.  Pray for believers in Haiti who can encourage their growth 
    • those still living in temporary shelters not designed for long term living
    • for food and clean water for those in need
    • for medical care for those in need of it
  • for the students as they study and work towards finishing this school year
    • of the seminary
    • universities around the country
    • High School
    • Junior High School
    • Elementary School
    • Kindergarten and Pre-School
  • for the missionries from all the mission organizations who are at work in Haiti in their various ministries
    • for strength to keep up the work
    • for hope as they touch the lives of those around them, that hearts will be open to the seeds of Salvation
    • for patience as they wait for the Spirit to water those seeds
    • for encouragement as they are far from family
  • for the Leadership of the country
    • UN peacekeepers
    • Government officials
    • Presidental candidates
    • Former leaders
    • Future leaders

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