Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hand of God at work

Karen, my sister, called me Monday night just beside herself excited and I thought you might like to hear about how God has provided some wonderful blessings.

Karen's employer has moved locations from downtown to a new office complex. In the process of moving, the company decided to get rid of a lot of the furniture and an amazing amount of office supplies. When Karen asked about taking them, the company agreed.

So the seminary and Lemuel Ministries, a organization in NW Haiti (Anse Rouge) where Judy (Muchmore) Dilus (a CrossWorld MK) works with her husband will have desks, cubicles for offices and all kinds of office supplies like notebooks, basic office supplies, etc.

Then yesterday as Karen was finalizing the details of renting a truck to get the items and lining up help to dismantle some of the furniture before moving things to a storage unit, she was told that the company had already had their people dismantle things, and they would move things to a storage unit for her.

When Karen contacted the storage unit and explained that we needed the units for only two weeks, the owner donated the use of two units (because it won't all fit in one unit) because he wanted to help Haiti but did not know how.

Can you see why Karen was so excited!! What a blessing! Thank you Lord for blessing us all!

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