Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update from Cindy McMartin

Greetings Everyone! August 14, 2010
When I saw Mme Lionel after the earthquake, I was shocked. She had lost so much weight and she didn’t look well. Ever since I’ve known her, even in the midst of difficult living circumstances, which has been the norm for her, there’s always been a smile and hope in her eyes. She was willing to work hard and do what was necessary to take care of her family. This time was different – it seemed like she had no energy left even to hope. 
Many of you sent in funds to help with quake relief, so we had the means to help her. But it wasn’t too long until she was back – a single mother with 4 children to provide for, no job since the quake, sickness, and continual house problems. She has one daughter in her late teens who is mentally retarded – a very difficult situation, but she has loved and taken care of this child. I looked at Mme Lionel and wondered what would happen to her children when she died, which she was looking more and more like that would happen – she’d already had one episode where she collapsed unconscious, which we later learned was due to her heart.
We helped her again with her immediate needs. At the same time, she shared with me that an older woman had offered to sell her her “business” -- she was leaving for the USA because of the quake. Could we help?
Now, you need to remember that she is not the only one who has come needing help. And we’ve already helped her times before. How to decide who gets help and who doesn’t? But, I wanted to help her and I knew it could mean life or death for her family. So, I prayed and asked God that if He wanted us to help her buy this business, that He would provide some “unexpected” funds for us – outside of what we had and from an unexpected source. I asked Mme Lionel to pray too.

God answered and provided from someone not on either our prayer letter list or supporter list. God had put the desire to give a contribution on this young lady’s heart, so she contacted us. Long story, short, we were able to give Mme Lionel the funds to buy this business and all the left over stock. She immediately began working with the woman to learn the ropes and got introduced to the contacts where she can purchase more stock. Her 2 oldest kids started working in the “store” too. They were all very busy and it was a couple months until I saw Mme Lionel again.
What a difference!!!! She looked healthy again; she was no longer skin and bones; the light was back in her eyes, the smile on her face, and the energy in her steps. More important, she and her kids, and I have experienced again God’s faithfulness and goodness. He answered our prayers, and though life is still very challenging for them, their faith and mine has been strengthened yet again to trust in God’s sovereignty.
Thank you for your prayers and for all the contributions that were sent in that enabled us to help so many. This isn’t the only story – there’s also Silia, Naomie, Lemores, Brutus, Jacques, Tinor, Jeanette, Johny, Jehu, Claudy, Garry, and many others who have been helped because of your generosity and your commitment to the family of God and the advancement of His Kingdom.
Since I last wrote we’ve had several teams with us working out at Merger and also here on campus. Each group was a blessing in all they helped us accomplish. We also had a great meeting with those involved with Vision d’Antioche (the Haitian missionary organization), and we plan to focus more on the work that needs to be addressed to make some progress with this ministry. Bruce is also returning to his work on the coffee project. Please pray with us for some good progress with both of these ministries.
I recently had a mishap and ended up with a cast (unfortunately not a walking one) to my knee. After enduring a lot of pain for 4 weeks from the cast and not being able to contact our dr., Bruce cut the cast off – did you hear my sigh of relief?!!! We found another dr. and saw him Monday. I didn’t have to have another cast put on, but have 3 more weeks before I can put weight on it to start walking. Please pray with me for complete healing and no complications.
This is long enough. Our love to you all. Thanks for your faithful partnership with us as we continue on in ministry here. There is so much we see here as people continue to live in miserable situations that makes us sad, but we have hope as God continues to direct us in the ways He wants us to be involved. We covet your prayers.
Blessings, Cindy for Bruce too

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