Friday, March 12, 2010

CrossWorld New: What has Eternal Value in Haiti

Mar 10, 2010 06:16 pm

The latest update from our staff in Haiti reminds us of that which has eternal value, while not neglecting immediate needs.

"The wall around the campus is repaired; today the last of the cement is being poured to repair the water cistern; a cement pad has been poured and another pure water system installed with spickets outside the wall to serve the community to the SW of the campus.

There have been several well-organized food distributions. The UN escort for one distribution commented to Bruce (McMartin) that it was the smoothest and best organized one he'd been involved with to date. We were proud of the Haitian leadership and our own security men here on campus who helped to pull these distributions off in a mannerly way.

Tom, a structural engineer has been with us for a week. He has been kept very busy inspecting houses, schools, and churches. The people in the neighborhood are so grateful to have Tom inspect their houses. It is hard to have to tell some their home needs to be demolished, but for most, he has been able to tell them what they need to do to repair their home. His professional assessment has helped families feel at ease about moving back into their homes.

Thank you to all of you who continue to pray for us and to so many who have contributed funds to help us in responding to the needs here. You have enabled us to help many with food, clothing, medicines, quilts, car repairs, house repairs, and tarps. In the midst of all this, we want to be sensitive to spiritual needs, too.

Wednesday, a man and woman - no one I knew - arrived at our house sharing about their desperate needs. I had already decided to help them, but felt the need to find out about their spiritual needs. Food gets eaten up, clothes wear out, things continually need to be repaired, but the soul lasts for all of eternity. I shared the Gospel with them (others standing around listening) and pulled a Haitian brother in to talk with them too. Long story, short, they both prayed to receive the wonderful gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Join me in praying for R and L - that they will stay on the road with God and grow in this new relationship. Please continue to pray for Haitian believers, pastors, and leaders as they follow up with those who have joined God's family during this disaster."

How to keep informed

The CrossWorld news releases and web updates will be less frequent but still focused on up-to-date news of Haiti. Here is what you can do to keep informed:
  • You can subscribe to CrossWorld's E-prayers which is a regular up-to-date list of prayer requests which includes Haiti requests. Write to
  • Continue to read the news on Haiti and pray each day about what you read and hear.
    You can still give to the Haiti Disaster Relief Fund (See Where to Donate section to the right)
  • Keep a watch on the CrossWorld website.
  • Keep praying and encouraging our CrossWorld team in Haiti. They are true heroes, and as you write them and pray for them, you will hear back from them incredible stories of God's grace, provision, sustaining power in this difficult and challenging time. You yourself will be encouraged and blessed by them!

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