Thursday, March 4, 2010

Short update from Mom (Phyllis Schmid)

We need to get away before the summer and so I am flying out March 31, David will fly out April 13th (he has to teach a course in Verrettes (Central Haiti)) and we'll return to Haiti May 13th.

McMartins leave on April 3rd for Missouri.

It rained ALL night last night so you know people under the tarps were damp and cold and some were down right wet! It has been overcast all day and looks like rain again tonight. Usually I love it when rainy season comes after the dryness of December and January but it is hard to rejoice when it causes so much discomfort to people.

David and the structural engineer have spent this week going to homes all around the neighborhoods beside the campus helping people know what needs to be done for their houses. He carefully explained that just because they are giving an evaluation doesn't mean we can personally fix every house but at least people know if their houses are safe for living in again. Even though they are told the house is safe, it is still a very nerve wracking thing to go back in. Any noise or sense of movement and you are ready to run.

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