Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update from Cindy McMartin

We have a couple of urgent projects that need men with masonry experience. Please contact Elisabeth Berger at CrossWorld: elisabeth.berger@crossworld.org if you can help.

Greetings! 2-8-10

The adrenaline rush is over. We’ve settled into a new routine. Now the challenge is finding the motivation each day when we wake up to face the new responsibilities of what sometimes seems like a drudgery.

Basically, the immediate crisis is over. The other night as Bruce and I went to bed and were talking, we were asking ourselves, “Is this how God wants us to finish our ministry here in Haiti? Is this the best use of our time and efforts? Of Wawa’s and Jacques’? Is running an IDP (internally displaced people) camp a waste of their unique gifts in discipling and teaching Haitian Christian leaders?”

Please pray with us as we seek God’s direction in all of this. Pray we’ll be sensitive and open to His leading in all we do. Meetings will be going on this week with the UEBH to find out how they want to handle this camp and what our next steps are.

With the IDP camp stabilized (for the moment), it’s also time for the UEBH and STEP to make some decisions with regards to their future plans. Is this the time to make some changes? Do they rebuild in this same spot? This is a time to evaluate vision and possibly new avenues of ministry that require different facilities. So, this is a crucial time for both the UEBH and STEP. Their leaders need your prayers as they meet together and seek God’s wisdom and direction. Will you please remember them regularly in your prayers?

I was talking to a group of people living up here in the camp on Saturday. They were expressing their gratitude to God for providing this place for them during this time. They compared it to other places similar to this that have sprung up all over the city. They said our camp is clean, no flies (not really true, but maybe in comparison), there’s order and it’s safe. There has been some gang activity starting up around us again – tempers flare easily and they’re quick to seek revenge. So, please keep praying for the smooth running of this camp in the days ahead.

Last night around 11 p.m. we had a gentle rain. The tarps have been put up very effectively by Roger See, but there’s really no way not to get a bit damp and cold. We wondered if it was a gentle nudge from God to begin moving some people back into their homes. Many people are having a hard time getting over the trauma and not being fearful of being inside any building. We have a 3-person team here this week to help begin talking and counseling with the people. Pray for an effective week for them.

On Wednesday I went up to Petionville to do some market. I found tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, onions, green peppers, bananas, tangerines – basically market as usual. These vegetables come down from the mountains above Port-au-Prince and people are still selling and buying. Just so you don’t picture us starving down here. If you have money, there are provisions to buy. The problem is that most of the people have no income right now. There’s no way we can provide food for everyone up here so it was hard for me to come back home with the things I bought. We are keeping things very simple, but I know we have more than others.

We covet your continued prayers. We have experienced divine strength and health these past weeks. We are very aware of how much we need God in this whole situation.

Blessings and love, Cindy for Bruce too

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