Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thank you for your prayers!

Thomas is past the north tip of Haiti.  We have not heard any reports of heavy rains or destructive winds.  For us in Port-au-Prince we had a light steady rain since early last evening and all day today.  At times it was heavier with very minimal wind here in the capitol.  God answered prayer.  I'm sure it is uncomfortable for those in tents because it is cool and damp but the damaging winds and heavy downpours did not materialize for us.  I just talked to Lois up north and they are having steady rains but not the bad winds either so that is wonderful.  I pray for the soil not to be so saturated that mudslides occur now.  Indeed the world has kept Haiti in their prayers and God has answered.  We are grateful.

Our news from our hospital at La Pointe is that they continue to receive cholera patients.  Please pray for the medical staff as they handle this heavy influx of very sick people and for those not affected to stay safe and healthy. 

Thanks again for praying.

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