Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update from Phyllis Schmid

We were glad that the rains had stopped to a drizzle when we went to bed last night.  Then at around 2 am a heavier rain began and last for a while.  I really wondered what it might bring as the ground is so saturated (in my unscientific opinion).  Anyway, David received the following report this morning:

  • Two deaths and two people missing have been reported due to Hurricane Tomas. 
  • The DPC estimates 10,000 people have voluntarily evacuated their shelters since 4 November.
  • In upper Artibonite, heavy rains since 17:30 P.M. are accumulating, causing flooding in areas in and around Gonaives with 25 to 35 centimeters of standing water reported by MINUSTAH.
  • The South and Centre departments of Haiti are not impacted by the hurricane anymore while the North-West of Haiti continues to be affected until night hours.
  • Hospitals in Léogane and Les Cayes, as well as Saint Louis Hospital in Delmas (Port au Prince), have been evacuated
There are approximately 120,832 tarps and 4,268 tents in the country to provide assistance to over 300,000 individuals. Over 60 per cent of the shelter needs can be covered with available in country stocks. Assessments are ongoing.

I was just on SKYPE with Ginger Muchmore who is with daughter, Judy, and her husband, Manis, in Plateau Anse Rouge.  They had the same gentle rains at first and then got hit with bad winds and heavy rains which took out people's gardens.  To quote Ginger:
[9:49:54 AM] mllejud: terrible drought that nearly took the gardens....
[9:50:05 AM] mllejud: then a soft gentle rain that fell all night and made the plants smile
[9:50:11 AM] mllejud: then the strong winds and hard rain
[9:50:17 AM] mllejud: and .....gone

 Also many of the trees Manis has been growing for the past 5 years were damaged or uprooted so there is much work to be done.  Please pray for this young couple in their work of bringing the light of Christ to an area steeped in voodooism - it is not easy but they push ahead.  The sun is finally pushing through the clouds today here in Port-au-Prince.

Again thanks for your prayers,

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