Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday update

Note from Mom: Monday am - we continue on but I finally broke down and had a good cry this am. It is over and I can push on. Pray because we had intruders in the damaged bldg last night and a man was killed this morning outside our side gate. Don't know circumstances. Pray for safety when getting supplies and people who are comin...g to help here from the airport. Much violence.

To answer someone's questions - Bolosse Church and College Maranatha are standing and look ok on outside. No news if any damage inside. Tabernacle church and school standing. PTL

There are reports of aid vehicles being attached. Tomorrow David and others will be going to the airport to get 1 man and supplies from MFI. Please pray for safety to and from the airport. God is able!

Note from Marcia Piepgrass:
Bill Piepgrass leaves for La Pointe via Cape Haitian day after tomorrow. He has been aching to be there to help, and Dr. Mozart needs help with all the overflow patients that are finding their way north.

Note from Margaret Williams:
Randy Williams is already in country. Randy is on the QCS campus and will stay there to help the 3 medical teams on campus. Being in familiar territory with people he knows will make this unreal situation a bit more real.

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