Monday, January 18, 2010

Second Message on Tuesday

Yes, we were hit hard by this earthquake. The original Bible School building has partially collapsed. Classes were in session. People got out covered in dirt and debris. But there are at least two students David and Bruce and others are still trying to get out. They have not heard from them so they are feared dead. We don’t have the heavy equipment needed. It is pitch black and we have neighbors and students all over the campus. Cindy and I said we are sleeping outside because the aftershocks are still going on and they really are frightening too. This was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced. You know there has been a tremendous loss of life. STEP is finished for this academic year. The building will probably have to come down completely.

All the homes are standing but not sure of structural damage. There is lots of damage with broken glass, etc. David yelled for me to get out of the house. I was walking on the treadmill and once it started I was thrown back and held on for dear life all my bookcases and things in my work room came down. Cindy was walking down her hallway and could hardly stay on her feet. We have no way to contact the Mears, Days and Weavers here in Port so don’t know how they are. Our missionaries out in the province are okay.

Pray for all of us in the days ahead to meet the needs all around us. We have many friends we have no idea if they are ok or not and have no way to get in touch with them.

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