Monday, January 18, 2010

Thursday late night update

Karen spoke with Mom:

I just talked to Mom on Skype. She obviously sounded exhausted but in relatively good spirits. She confirmed there are over 2,000 people on campus – we are the only place with larger open spaces in that part of the city. So far everyone has been respectful and there have not been problems. Everyone has been able to manage to find some food and liquid. A latrine/outhouse has been dug, but given the volume of people I am not sure how quickly that will be overwhelmed. There are two doctors on campus trying to work with no supplies and many injured.

No assistance has arrived from the outside as of this time, but is expected soon. Friends who are in the NorthWest are trying to get a small truck through with some medical supplies. A pickup truck was taken from campus out of the city with a pregnant woman who is very close to delivery and was able to return safely.

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